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History 2001 until 2007

2001 The Ministry for Science, Research and the Arts of the state Baden-Württemberg announces the competition "Life Science Centres". The goal of the competition is the creation of innovative interdisciplinary research centres in the life sciences.
August The University of Heidelberg participates in the competition with the project "BIOQUANT" (Quantitative Analysis of Molecular and Cellular Biosystems). The building proposed is intended to function as the centre of the inter-faculty BIOQUANT cooperative network. Participation in the competition is supported by the life sciences and medicine faculties as well as other university centres and networks, including the BZH, IWR, IZN, ZI - Division of Infectious Diseases, and the ZMBH.

January The Ministery Council decides to build the BIOQUANT network building on the campus of the University of Heidelberg with an approx. area of 5100 m², divided accordingly:

Biological sciences2430 m²
Scientific computing1090 m²
Rooms for teaching800 m²
Common area780 m²
Buildings costs23.31 Mio Euro
Cost of furnishing3.57 Mio Euro
March Interview with Hans-Georg Kraeusslich (Ruperto Carola 3/2002)
October The architect Volker Staab (Berlin) ( wins the architectural competition for the BIOQUANT building with the following design:

2003 Start of the BIOQUANT Seminars

January The Center for Modelling and Simulation in the Biosciences (BIOMS) in Heidelberg was established.
June Start of construction.
October Ground-breaking ceremony
December 1. BIOQUANT - Symposium
Foundation of the research network BIOQUANT

March 14th - 16th Workshop on computer simulations of soft matter and biosystems
April 12th First BIOQUANT-Lecture: Prof. Marc Kirschner from Harvard talks about "Propagated Waves of Scar/Wave recruitment and Cell Motility". Press release
April 17th New BioQuant-Broschure released
April, 19th Inauguration Ceremony with Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg Günther Oettinger
November 10th BIOQUANT participates in the first "Nacht der Wissenschaft"
November 15th 1st General assembly of the BioQuant Research Network
November 16th Dr.Niels Grabe receives the 1st MTZ-BioQuant-Award for Systems Biology 2007. Press release
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