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Junior Research Group Leader Receives KlarText Award

Dominik Niopek receives Klaus Tschira Award for Achievements in Public Understanding of Sciences – KlarText

Using Light to Reach Higher Precision in Cell Mechanic Research

Scientists from BioQuant Center & Institute for Theoretical Pysics and the University of Chicago use optogenetics and mathematical modelling to...

Examine and trigger proteins in the living cell

Scientists from the BioQuant Center developed a novel method for the intracellular delivery of functional active proteins into living cells

Workshop: Stoichiometric and kinetic modeling using CellNetAnalyzer and COPASI

Date: September 12-13, 2017

Location: BioQUANT, Im Neuenheimer Feld 267, 69120 Heidelberg

Organized by the Kummer Group (Heidelberg University) and...

PhD fellowships in Quantitative Biology available

The Research Training Group "Mathematical Modeling for the Quantitative Biosciences" invites applications for PhD fellowships

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BioQuant IT Service

The BioQuant IT-Team provides a variety of services for the administrative and scientific user groups to effectively support their work.

The IT-Team procures, configures and maintains a high-performance, cost effective, secure and reliable IT Infrastructure at BioQuant while ensuring cost-effectiveness and compliance with relevant legislation. In addition, the IT-Team provides effective and friendly support to all users, whatever the standard platform used. The work of the IT department is organized in 4 main parts:

  1. Service Desk. Provides technical assistance to BioQuant users.
  2. Infrastructure. Desktop, laptops and server, storage, backup, security, stock, asset management
  3. Network and Communication. Security, Network design, implementation & operation, Telephone and VC equipment and services
  4. Web. Web Content Management, Web Infrastructure
  5. All the rest you don't find here ;-)

In other words, we are the people that

  • Provision, configure and maintain your computer systems
  • Design and install your networks
  • Deploy new software applications to your application servers
  • Ensure that your email, calendar and all other applications work
  • Project management for system related projects
  • Monitor performance of your networks
  • Procure new hardware and software
  • Maintain disk images for new installs
  • Check for security breaches and poor data management
  • Supervise and train others in the organization
  • Ensure security for internet connectivity

The following IT services are available

IT@Bioquant Intro
Software available @ BioQuant
Newsletter archive
Infos about desktop services, accounts, central services, central server
Information about printer, scanner and beamer usage
Compute Cluster
Howto use the torque/PBS Compute Cluster at BioQuant
Mass Storage
Mass Storage at BioQuant
Large Scale Data Facility
Large Scale Data Facility for Life Sciences
Virtualization Infrastructure
Virtual Server at BioQuant
Access to BIOQUANT mail account
EVO - The Collaboration Network
EVO - The Collaboration Network
BelWue F*ex - Datenaustausch/Data Exchange
BelWue F*ex - Datenaustausch/Data Exchange
DFNVC - Videokonferenzdienst/Video Conferences via DFN
DFNVC - Videokonferenzdienst/Video Conferences via DFN
Terminplaner/Scheduler DFN
Terminplaner/Scheduler DFN
CUPS Printing Service
CUPS Printing Service
Citrix Web Interface
Citrix Web Interface
Remote Login (SSH)
Remote Login (SSH)
Workshops/Meetings/Conferences related to BioQuant IT
IT Status
IT Status Messages
Contact Form
Contact the IT Support team by form
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