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Virtualization Infrastructure at Bioquant

Virtualization Infrastructure at Bioquant

The Bioquant IT offers virtual machines to the groups for testing or productive purposes. Right now we can provide virtual machines with up to 2 cores, 2 GB RAM and 20GB of high-available disk space.

The following operating systems are supported:

  • - Debian 5 Lenny
  • - Ubuntu 9.04 and 9.10
  • - Fedora 11 and 12
  • - CentOS 5.3
  • - openSuSE 11.2
  • - opensolaris 2009.06
  • - Windows XP Prof.

Other operating systems can be tested on demand. Larger disk space on non high-available hardware is also possible for test machines.

If you want to host a virtual machine on our infrastructure, have your group leader send us an e-mail at support-it(at) with the desired hardware & software configuration and the estimated period the VM will be needed.

For further information contact Marc Hemberger or Georgios Nikolis.

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