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19th Workshop of the Single Cell Center Heidelberg
Introduction of the MULTI-SPACE spatial transcriptomics technology hub
  02:00 PM
  Seminar Room 41 --> Click here to register

Rapid advances in single cell omics provide powerful new ways to dissect developmental and disease trajectories, cellular heterogeneity within complex tissues, cellular responses to environmental and genetic variation, and disease states. The Single Cell Center Heidelberg fosters interactions and exchange of expertise (both experimental and computational), promotes collaborations between groups at different sites, increases the visibility of groups using single cell sequencing approaches at the national and international level. Towards these goals we organize this workshop series. At the 19th meeting we will introduce the technology hub for spatial transcriptomics that is currently being established within the MULTI-SPACE program of the Health and Life Science Alliance Heidelberg Mannheim. The final program will be sent to you after registration.

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