University of Heidelberg

Publication in Molecular Biosystems

11th of February 2014

After the award of the Grand Prize at the iGEM WCJ at MIT the Heidelberg team has published their findings on the domain exchange within the NRPS module for indigoidine synthesis in the peer-reviewed journal Molecular Biosystems. You can read the complete article here.


Latest Information on Recruitment for iGEM 2014

19th of December 2013

The deadline for applications to participate in the iGEM Heidelberg team 2014 has now been set to January 15 in 2014 at 8 am. Please, also note the supporting information on the recruitment page.

Team Recruitment 2014

23rd of November 2013

The preparations of the iGEM Heidelberg 2014 team are currently ongoing and will soon continue with the team recruitment. The deadline for applications will be in the mid of January. Applications are already accepted and require a CV, a one-page letter of motivation, and a record of academic courses. If you are interested in joining the iGEM team Heidelberg in 2014, please send your application by e-mail to Prof. Roland Eils (roland.eils (at) Promising applicants will be invited for a personal interview at the BioQuant institute.

"Gold Rush" Featured on

6th of November 2013

The Heidelberg team is after its award of the Grand Prize at the World Championship Jamboree of the iGEM competition today featured on You can find the article here (in German).


Heidelberg Wins Grand Prize at World Championship Jamboree

4th of November 2013

At the World Championship Jamboree (WCJ) in Boston, which took place over the last weekend on the campus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Heidelberg team was awarded for its "Philosopher's Stone" project  the Grand Prize of the championship, which has the shape of the famous biobrick. With this award the Heidelberg team of this year not only achieved a successful return to the iGEM stage, it even wrote a piece of German history, as it won this prize as first German team since the initiation of this competition in 2003.

Heidelberg qualifies for World Championship Jamboree in Boston

13th of October 2013

At the continental iGEM jamboree in Lyon, which took place over the last weekend with approximately 60 teams from Europe, Heidelberg presented its preliminary project on the utilization of non-ribosomal peptide synthetases and secured beside the qualification for the world championship jamboree (WCJ) in three weeks in Boston also the award for the best poster. At the coming WCJ the best teams from all continental jamborees will meet and compete for the grand prize, which will be awarded to the best iGEM team of this year.

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