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Monday, 2:30 pm

Second Runner up: Bristol, First Runner Up: Peking, Grand Prize: Slovenia

Monday, 2:15 pm

New Natural Part: Minnesota, New Engineered Part: Slovenia, Experimental Measurement: Duke, Model: Edinburgh, Wiki: Imperial&Cambridge, Presentation: Delft, Poster: KIT-Kyoto, Human Practice: Imperial, Biosafety: SDU Denmark

Monday, 2 pm

Best track awards go to: Best Food&Energy: Peking, Environment: Bristol, Health&Medicine: WashU and Freiburg B, Best Manufacture: Slovenia, Application: MIT, Foundational Advance: Paris, Software: USTC Software.

Monday, 1:45 pm

Heidelberg earns a gold medal.

Monday, 9:15 am

The finalists are announced. They are Slovenia, Cambridge, Peking, Bristol, Delf, Imperial. Heidelberg is not in the final.

Nov. 8, Monday, 7 am

The count down is running, in two hours the finalists are announced.

Sunday, 8 pm

The main part of the jamboree is over and there are a few very good teams. The finalists are announced tomorrow morning. Until then we will go to Jilian's in Boston to the official iGEM party.

Nov. 7, Sunday, 11:00 am

The presentation by Weimar-Heidelberg Arts is an opening celebration of the new virtual synthetic biology supermarket: supercell. The show is praised a lot on the one hand, on the other its impact on society is discussed intensively.


Saturday, 10:50 am

The presentations leaves a strong impression on the audience. The questions by the judges as well as the audience are sharp, but our impression is that we can pass them well.

Saturday, 10:40 am

The presentation is running smoothly. Our three strong arguments are: precise gene regulation with miRNA (top right), specific gene delivery (bottom left), and our in vivo studies (bottom right). We get two intermediate applauses (one when we announce our iPod/iPhone applet).

Nov. 6, Saturday, 9 am

It is dawning. Our presentation is going to take place right in the first session. We will present in Huntington Hall, which is right behind the famous architrave of the MIT entrance (see top left image), a good sign and honor for us! Yet the lecture hall is except for us empty, but we are certain this will change soon.


Friday, 8:30 pm

On the next day we have both our presentation and the poster. We have a last team discussion to structure the following day and do the final cut to our presentation.

Friday, 7:30 pm

The presenters of our project are Aastha and Dominik. This is our final rehearsal of the presentation. And right after us the final rehearsal of the Weimar team takes place. Most of the Heidelberg Team sees it for the first time and it promises to become a great show.

Friday, 6:30 pm

We arrive at Stata center, which is one of the main location of the iGEM competition. 

Friday, 6:00 pm

We encounter the impressive biotech architecture (Novartis, Amgen, Whitehead) surrounding MIT campus on our way to Stata center. In one our we are going to have our final rehearsal.

Nov. 5, Friday, 4 pm

We arrive at the Marriott hotel in Cambridge which is right opposite of MIT campus.

24th October, 2010

We will report the most interesting news from the iGEM Championship Jamboree here!

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