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02 Nov 2009, 7:05 pm

And now we better switch off the blog, because the rest of the night is "for our eyes only" ;-)

02 Nov 2009, 7 pm

The last weekend was exhausting, but inspiring and very rewarding at the same time. We celebrate this now at Chart House right at the Bay of Boston, with lobster and champagne. 

02 Nov. 2009, 2 pm.

This is really overwhelming! Heidelberg wins the second prize! And the BEST WIKI, and the BEST TECHNICAL STANDARDS! The GRAND PRIZE goes to Cambridge, third is Valencia.

02 Nov 2009, 12 pm
The presentations are over, the judges deliberating, the students ferverishly awaiting the final judgement.

02 Nov. 2009, 8:32 am.

Wow! The unbelievable is true! Heidelberg is in the final!!! The team is cheering! Among the finalists are also: Cambridge, Freiburg bio, Groningen, Imperial and Valencia.

02 Nov. 2009, 8:28 am.

Kresge auditorium is almost full. All eyes are directed to the stage, in a couple of minutes only the finalists are announced. 

01 Nov 2009, 8 pm

To bridge the time until tomorrow morning we are going to Jilian's Boston tonight, the official iGEM party. We will go as spies and spy girls.

01 Nov. 2009, 9:30 am

The presentation is over. We have the impression the project was recognized with open interest and we got quite numerous praises. Hopefully, they were meant sincerely! It will be an ordeal until the announcement of the finalists. In contrast to last year the finalists will be informed right before the final, no sooner than tomorrow morning... 

01 Nov. 2009, 8:00 am

Last technical preparations for the presentation. Everything works. The room is ice cold, but the tension is mounting, the lecture hall filling, our speakers determined!

31 Oct. 2009, 8:30 pm.

Team dinner at Durgin Park ...

31 Oct. 2009, 7 pm.

Now the winners of our lottery have to be drawn. The winners are ... (will be completed soon!)

31 Oct. 2009, 7 pm.

The poster session is over. We had a great location right in the hallway of Stata center. At least 15 judges have visited our poster and asked questions, a lot of work, but it also indicates: we seem to get attention!

31 Oct. 2009, 5 pm.

The official poster session is starting! But the Jamboree is not only science. With fancy costumes the students remind everybody: Today is Halloween!

31 Oct., 2009, 3 pm.

Our poster is visited throughout the day. A special visitor: Drew Endy testing our HEARTBEAT Model via

31 Oct. 2009, 9:00 am, Stata Center

We pin up our poster and advertise with ballons and flyers. Very exciting: We raffle off two internships at a group of choice in Bioquant (full expenses covered for six weeks) to those iGEM students, who can answer the questionary on our poster! The winners will be announced tonight after the poster session!

31 Oct., 2009, 8:45am, Kresge auditorium at MIT

... 1100 students and advisors have travelled to MIT for a weekend full of presentations, posters and many international students from the heart of synthetic biology.


30 Oct. 2009, 9 pm.

We arrive at our hotel at Hyatt Regency. Most teams are in this year accomodated on the spacious 14 floors right next to Charles River.

31 Oct., 2009, 8:30am, Kresge auditorium at MIT

The big day has finally arrived and the iGEM competitors are welcome by the director of the event: Randy Rettberg. 


30 Oct, 2009. 7:15 pm.

... watch our protagonist Lars and Hannah sharpening the very last details of the presentation ;-)

30 Oct, 2009. 5:45 pm.

Wow. After a long flight Heidelberg is back at MIT! We arrive at Stata Center and ...

2nd October, 2009

We will report the most interesting news from the iGEM Championship Jamboree here!

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