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04th November 2010

You immediately want to know the latest news from the jamboree? The jamboree blog will keep you up do date!

Public Final Rehearsal

24th October 2010

The final rehearsal of the team presentation will as in the previous year be public and take place on Thursday, November 4 at 3 pm in the Bioquant lecture room (SR 041, INF 267). 

Dance Video Released

20th October 2010

The iGEM Team Heidelberg has just finished the production of a dance video. Watch the video to look forward with us to a marvelous weekend of synthetic biology, taking place with a thousand international students in one of the finest cities of the world!

Project Abstract Released

13th October 2010

The project of the iGEM Team Heidelberg focuses in this year on gene therapy using miRNAs and AAV shuttles as instrumental keys. Read a concise project abstract here and consult the team wiki for a complete project overview.

Interview on Bayerischer Rundfunk: "Leben 3.0"

17th September 2010

Synthetic Biology attracts more and more public attention. BR discusses today at 6:05 pm the promises of this dynamic scientific branch. Follow this link to the archived broadcast: BR Interview.

2010 Team has taken off

26 August 2010

The new team is set for another iGEM mission. More news about the project are to come soon!

Celebration with Rector Eitel in Villa Poensgen

5th July 2010

Villa Poensgen (built in 1906) with its beautiful view on the Neckar Valley was received by the University in 1980 as a bequest from the affiliated couple Emma and Prof. Dr. Georg Poensgen. It is situated between the old town and Königsstuhl, close to the castle, and is today used for corresponding occasions by the rectorate. It is a special honor for the 2009 team to be invited to this place to celebrate with the rector of the University - Professor Bernhard Eitel, who gives the team by virtue of his geological research also a view below the Neckar Valley - the outstanding achievements (second place, two special prizes, gold medalist) at the most recent iGEM jamboree. 

Arts and Science Go Hand in Hand

29th March 2010

The Heidelberg team will in this year collaborate with the Bauhaus University of Weimar in order to strengthen the connection between synthetic biology and arts/design. "Weimar-Heidelberg Arts" will participate in iGEM as an individual team with emphasized dedication to the human practice track. The artwork will be presented next to all scientific projects in November at the official iGEM Jamboree in Boston.

Honorary Reception in Villa Poensgen

24th March 2010

To honor the outstanding achievements of the iGEM Heidelberg 2009 team, the rector of the University, Professor Eitel, has invited the team for a celebration on a summer evening in Villa Poensgen.

Heidelberg Roster

4th March 2010

The iGEM Heidelberg team of this year will soon be presented on these pages.

Interview on

22nd February 2010

Stephen Krämer - representing the Heidelberg iGEM team of 2009 - is interviewed on The online channel is an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Science and Education. You can find the video here.

FANCY! iGEM Heidelberg '09 Trailer

3rd January 2009

The trailer for iGEM 2009 is out and gives a flavor of iGEM from the Heidelberg perspective.

iGEM 2010 Application

2nd December 2009

You are interested in participating in iGEM 2010? Then please read the relevant information on iGEM 2010.

Synthetic Biology on SWR2

2nd December 2009

SWR2 broadcasts today a report on synthetic biology: "Wenn Genetiker Lego spielen". Interviewed were also Marika Ziesack, Kathrin Nussbaum, Stephen Krämer (all from the iGEM 2008 Team) and Roland Eils. You can listen here to it.

Heidelberg wins second place!

02 November 2009

Heidelberg was awarded the second place in the overall judgement, only Cambridge was better. Further the team of Professor Roland Eils secured the prizes for the best new technical standard and the best internet documentation (wiki on

Public Final Rehearsal

24th October 2009

The final rehearsal is in this year explicitly public! Apart from listening to a great presentation, it will be the opportunity to hot up the speakers with critical questions for the championship jamboree, which will be from next Saturday until Monday.

Time: 29th October, Thursday, 11 am

Place: Bioquant (INF 267), Room 0041.

Final iGEM Documentations 2009

22nd October 2009

On 21st October (EDT) all iGEM wikis have been frozen and show the final project outcomes in this year. The German teams certainly represent highlights among the various and numerous projects. Find all team wikis here.

Heidelberg Competes in Foundational Advance Track

19th October 2009

With diligence the Heidelberg team has chosen this year a historically rather unobtrusive track: foundational advance. And still, with a database for the design of new mammalian promoters, a new PCR-based method to screen various promoter sequences, new tools to facilitate genetic work in human cells, and on top a whole library of synthetic promoters, the team will present a formidable portfolio of advances for the synthetic biology of mammalian cells and can have profound hope not to be a second string at the jamboree.

Official SPYBRICK Abstract and Logo Released!

The official project abstract is set for the competition! And our new logo (support by Lange+Pflanz) concisely mirrors the magic view disclosed by Heidelberg's Spybricks. You want to get a glimpse through them? The Team Heidelberg gives you an appetizer on what will be revealed to the iGEM community on 21st October (official wiki freeze!). Read the abstract now on iGEM 2009 and find the detailed Spybrick description later on the Heidelberg wiki.

GEO: "Künstliches Leben"

2nd August 2009

Recent developments and future perspectives of Synthetic Biology - including the Ecolicence to kill from 2008 - are outlined and discussed in an illustrative reportage in the latest issue of GEO (from August 2009). Find the cover of this article online.

Heidelberg iGEM Team 2009: From James Bond to "SpyBricks"

Heidelberg iGem-Team 2009

30th July 2009

This year's iGEM mission starts again with a new and very ambitious project. 13 students develop "SpyBrick" DNA to provide a quantitative and specific measurement tool in eukaryotes. This will be a valuable addition to iGEM's BioBrick library. The team is in parallel developing a software to design sequences for synthetic promotors. Both lab and computer work have already arrived at a promising stage; to read the complete project abstract, visit the Team-Wiki.

SPEKTRUM: "E.colizenz zum Töten"

2nd April 2009

An article written by members of the iGEM Heidelberg Team 2008 about the project is published in Spektrum der Wissenschaft. Find the article online.

iGEM 2009 is coming!

9th December 2008

Preparations for iGEM 2009 are running. Please, check back here for further information.


UniSpiegel: "Ecolicence to kill"

December, 5th 2008

A report about the iGem-Team was published on the first page in the local addendum to the "Spiegel"-magazine called "UniSpiegel". Read the full article here.


All presentations of iGEM 2008 available

3rd December 2008

All Jamboree presentation videos are publicly available now from the results page. Click here to watch them.


RNZ: "Heidelberger sahnten ab"

28th November 2008

The local newspaper Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung (RNZ) reports about the successful iGEM project of the 2008 Heidelberg team. Read the full article here.


FAZ: "Sprechstunde bei den neuen Biovisionären"

11th November 2008

A FAZ-Newsletter reports about the success of German teams on this year's iGEM competition at MIT. Considering three prizes and a gold medal for Heidelberg and the Freiburg team being first runner-up to the grand prize, the idea of Synthetic Biology has fallen on fertile ground in Germany. Apart from the competition the young discipline combining biotechnology and engeneering is expected to grow at fast pace. Follow this link to read the entire article in German.


Back from Boston: iGem-Team wins a gold medal and three prizes


10th November 2008

The team returns from Boston with one of only 16 gold medals that have been awarded at the Jamboree and three special prizes in their baggage. These have been granted for the teams accomplishments in science communication, for their creative and informative scientific poster and the clear yet entertaining presentation of their project. You can find an overview on all results on this page.

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