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01.10.18 10:39 Age: 3 yrs

AG Russell was awarded Wellcome Trust Grant


Wellcome Trust Grant 210585/B/18/Z Impact of missense mutations in recessive Mendelian disease: insight from ciliopathies

The research group of Prof. Rob Russell, together with four other groups in Germany and the UK, was awarded Wellcome Trust Grant in June 2018.

The five year project will aim to uncover how genetic variants lead to genetic diseases, specifically those ciliopathies that have skeletal phenotypes.

AG Russell will combine information about patient genetic variants, with affinity proteomics and a variety of phenotypic screens, to derive models of how particular variants can drive the diseases and/or lead to differences in severity or outcome.

If you are a prospective PhD student or Post-doc and this sounds interesting to you in the context of what the group does, then please contact Prof. Rob Russell

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