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31.05.17 16:32 Age: 2 yrs

Lecture: Gene drive evolution, localization and restoration - Kevin Esvelt


Friday 2.6., 1:15pm, SR41

Gene editing, directed evolution and CRISPR/Cas are today's hot topics of synthetic biology. But happens when you combine them?
The answer has Dr. Kevin Esvelt (MIT) - inventor of CRISPR-based gene drives - who is going talk about the background of gene drive evolution at the Bioquant Center this week.

Those of you who may think "oh, yet another CRISPR-talk" should not miss this one, you won´t be disappointed.

We happily invite you to his lecture titled "Gene drive evolution, localization, and restoration", on Friday 2.6., 1:15pm in Bioquant's lecture hall (SR41).

Gene drive evolution is a CRISPR-Cas9-based system allowing permanent genome modifications in wild populations. Kevin Esvelt invented CRISPR-based gene drives in 2014 and has been leading this field ever since. His latest method already features automatic shutdowns to minimize global risks. You can find a warmup for his talk at Bioquant here:

We are very excited to host such a young and reknown expert as Kevin Esvelt. Tell all your labmates and friends and bring them with you!
See you on Friday,
iGEM-Team Heidelberg

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