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19.08.17 13:25 Age: 1 yrs

3rd Workshop on Virus Dynamics, October 6-7, 2017, BioQuant-Center


6-7th October 2017, BioQuant Center

The 3rd Workshop on Virus Dynamics in Heidelberg will continue the bi-annual meeting series previously organized by Udo Reichl and Catherine Beauchemin in Frankfurt (2013) and Toronto (2015). This workshop brings together virologists and immunologists with mathematical modelers and system biologists to discuss current approaches and challenges in modeling and analyzing different aspects of virus dynamics. Promises and challenges of novel types of experimental data and theoretical methods to analzye viral replication and spread and host-virus interactions will be presented and discussed.

The meeting will take place at the BioQuant-Center in Heidelberg on 6-7th October 2017 and is organized by Thomas Höfer (DKFZ, BioQuant) and Frederik Graw (BIOMS, BioQuant).

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