University of Heidelberg


05.03.17 13:28 Age: 2 yrs

The Heidelberg Life Sciences Celebrate 10 Years ERC


CellNetworks invites you to an evening of groundbreaking research during which 17 ERC life science grantholders from Heidelberg give insight into the central question of their work.

The ERC will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year and is organizing the “ERC Week” from 13-18 March 2017, during which national authorities and research institutions in Europe are engaged in various activities: talks, conferences, open days and other events, thereby involving the public and research community, and supporting the work of the ERC.

With well over 30 ERC life science grantholders in Heidelberg, CellNetworks is engaging in these activities with an informal ERC Evening Celebration on

Monday 13 March 2017 at 6 pm in Ute Greenier Hall (BioQuant)

Our aim is to promote the fascination of the life science research across all institutions in Heidelberg – the University, EMBL, DKFZ and MPI. Following the form of a “professorium” or science match, speakers are asked to demonstrate the fascination for their work in no more than five minutes. Snacks and drinks are available during the break to foster discussions and exchange.

We are looking forward to an exciting evening!



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