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Center for Modelling and Simulation in the Biosciences


Time Day 1 (01.10.18) Time Day 2 (02.10.18)
09:00 Introduction: 15 Years of BIOMS 09:00 Keynote: David Rand (Warwick, UK):
"Multiplexing information flow through dynamic signalling systems"
09:15 Keynote: Philip Maini (Oxford, UK):
"Modelling collective cell motion in normal development and disease"
  Session 3: Information processing (signals & genes)
  Session 1: Cell mechanics / Biomechanics 09:45 Aleksandra Walczak (Paris, FR):
"Precision in a rush: hunchback pattern formation in a limited time"
10:00 Andela Šarić (London, UK):
"Sensing and creating mechanical forces by protein assembly"
10:15 Stefan Legewie:
"Decoding a cancer-relevant splicing decision in the RON proto-oncogene with high-throughput mutagenesis"
10:30 Ulrich Schwarz (BIOMS):
"Modelling surface contraction waves in starfish oocytes"
10:35 Coffee break
10:55 Coffee break 11:05 Jürgen Pahle (BIOMS)
"Analysis of information flow in biological systems using ideas from information theory"
11:25 Kees Storm (Eindhoven, NL)
"Persistence-driven durotaxis: instructing cell migration in stiffness landscapes"
11:30 Saúl Ares:
"COP1 plays a key role to integrate light and temperature information into plant growth"
11:55 Matthias Weiss (BIOMS)
"Illuminating physical cues for the early embryogenesis of a simple model organism"
11:50 Ruth Großeholz:
"Modeling hormone-induced cell elongation in plant epidermis root cells using ODEs"
12:20 Camilo Aponte-Santamaría:
"Mechanosensation at Biological membranes"
12:10 Keynote: Dagmar Iber (Zurich, CH):
"From Networks to Function – Computational Models of Organogenesis"
13:00 Lunch break 13:00 Lunch break
  Session 2: Multi-cellular systems / Cell interactions   Session 4: Methods
14:00 Keynote: Frank Jülicher (Dresden, GER):
"Shaping a fly wing"
14:00 Frank Noe (Berlin, GER):
"Decyphering biomolecular and cellular processes with scientific computing and machine learning"
14:45 Roeland Merks (Leiden, NL)
"The mathematics of blood vessel growth: predicting multicellular patterning from individual cell behavior"
14:30 Enio Gjerga:
"Methods for training of signalling networks to data by using multiple logic formalisms"
15:15 Franziska Matthäus (BIOMS)
"Modeling collective cancer cell migration in response to growth factors"
14:50 Nils Becker:
"Hidden long-range memory in cell cycle control"
15:40 Hernán López-Schier:
"Live cell-lineage tracing and machine learning reveal patterns of organ regeneration"
15:10 Coffee break
16:00 Coffee break 15:40 Rodolphe Thiébaut (Bordeaux, FR):
"Finding the cells in the middle of the data"
16:30 Dirk Drasdo (Paris, FR):
"Multi-scale and integrated mathematical modeling of liver function and regeneration: Using mathematical models to guide experiments"
16:10 Francisco Perez-Reche:
"Avalanche dynamics in the deformation of living cells"
17:00 Frederik Graw (BIOMS)
"Importance of space when determining multi-cellular dynamics in infection and immunity"
16:30 David Schnoerr:
"Cox process representation and inference for stochastic reaction-diffusion processes"
17:25 Erika Tsingos:
"Homeostatic groth in a complex organ: Insights from modeling clonal lineage in eye of fish"
16:50 François Nédélec (BIOMS)
"Size and Mechanical Scaling of Blood Platelets"
18:00 Poster session with Finger Food 20:00 Conference Dinner

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Contributed Talks

Applications for contributed talks are welcome. Selection will be done by the scientific committee.

Extended deadline for abstract submission: 15.06.2018

Notification of acceptance: 30.06.2018

Deadline for registration 15.07.2018


Poster session

Posters will be presented in the evening of day 1. Submission of abstracts for posters follow the same rules as for the submission of contributed talks.

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