University of Heidelberg

11/06/2014 William J. Godinez received the Thomas Gessmann PhD Prize 2014

The Thomas Gessmann PhD Prize is awarded for outstanding dissertations in technical fields and is...

08/27/2014 Bitplane ISBI/IEEE Attendance Award, 2nd Cell Tracking Challenge, ISBI 2014

Nathalie Harder received a Bitplane ISBI/IEEE Attendance Award at the 2nd Cell Tracking Challenge...

04/20/2013 Excellent result at 1st Cell Tracking Challenge, ISBI 2013

The Biomedical Computer Vision (BMCV) group successfully participated in the 1st Cell Tracking...

03/12/2013 Prize for the best scientific paper at BVM 2013

Simon Eck, Stefan Wörz, Andreas Biesdorf, Katharina Müller-Ott, Karsten Rippe, and Karl Rohr were...

03/21/2012 Prize for the best scientific paper at BVM 2012

Astha Jaiswal, William J. Godinez, Roland Eils, Maik Lehmann, and Karl Rohr were awarded a prize...

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