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Research Highlights

Cells of all organisms release methane

B. subtilis releases methane. Surprised? Your body cells also release the greenhouse gas! Read about the mechanism here (oder auf deutsch hier) and check out the details Ernst et al., Nature (2022).

This study resulted from a collaboration of earth and life scientists.

Congrats to former Master student Leo Ernst and PhD student Ben Steinfeld!

Composition sensing in mixed bacterial populations

Bacteria could determine the proportions of different groups within a mixed population. Read about how specific bacterial cell-cell communication systems enable bacteria to do so here (oder lieber auf deutsch hier).

Learn how we used FRET experiments and mathematical modeling to quantitatively characterize the PhrA signaling system of B. subtilis and read about the details Babel et al., Nat. Commun. (2020). Congrats to our graduates Heiko Babel and Pablo Naranjo and all contributing µCATs for their excellent work!

More or better spores?

Life cycle strategies of B. subtilis in the news.

The link to the paper is here.

Watch the movies here.

Congrats to our PhD students A.Mutlu and C. Kaspar!

Phenotypic memory of bacterial spores

Read about our latest research on B.subtilis spores here (oder lieber auf deutsch hier).

Selected as the paper of the month by SubtiWiki.

The link to the paper is here.

Watch all videos here.

Read the "Behind the paper" blog here.

Congrats to our PhD student A. Mutlu and all other µCATs that supported this work!

Meeting Highlights

First meeting of the German and French young researcher communities working on regulation and signal transduction in bacteria organized by I. Bischofs, J. Lassak & T. Mignot.

The meeting report is here (auf deutsch).

PhD Student Charlotte Kaspar received a FEMS Travel Award for attending the European Spores Conference 2020 in Naples. Congratulations!

Postdoc Katja Nagler won the Poster Prize at the European Spores Conference in London 2018. Congratulations!


Lab Highlights

Theresa Kordaß launches the database BacStream.

Thanks also to Stephi Trauth and Bernhard Kordaß and all µCATs for their contributions!

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