University of Heidelberg


We are looking for postdocs interested in exciting clinically-oriented projects aimed at the generation & application of novel AAV vectors for gene therapies of liver or muscle diseases. We have 3 open positions that are well funded (salary & consumables) through the European Union or the industry, respectively, and that are available immediately.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me via mail or phone for further details. In case you wish to apply, please provide a letter of motivation, your CV and ideally 2 references (either letters or contacts).


STUDENTS (rotation, BSc, MSc, MD, PhD)

We strongly encourage applications from individuals of any gender, ethnicity, age or level who are interested in gene & cell therapy research including state-of-the-art CRISPR, RNAi, viral vector, or stem cell technologies and who wish to pursue a lab rotation, a BSc, MSc, MD or PhD thesis.

If you:

  • exhibit a genuine interest in, profound motivation for, and strong dedication to science and research
  • are a good team player and like to take on responsibilities, including teaching of new lab members and students
  • as PhD: are willing to apply for external co-funding and can provide ay competitive CV

... then please contact me via mail (or phone for initial inquiries) and provide a letter of motivation, CV and ideally 1-2 references (not mandatory for rotation students or for BSc, MSc or MD applicants).

Contact: E-Mail (Last update: 14/06/2018)