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Our lab focuses on the development, characterization and application of innovative technologies for targeted manipulation of gene expression on the DNA & RNA levels in eukaryotic cells, animals and ultimately humans. Towards these vital aims, we - 5 postdocs, 2 PhD students, 4 technicians, 2 MD students, 1 MSc student & 1 PI - employ a broad spectrum of powerful methodologies and collaborate with a wide range of national and international partners from academia and industry.  

Specifically, as depicted above, we exploit and consistently optimize three major technologies: (1) Adeno-associated viruses (AAV) as versatile, safe and efficient vectors for gene transfer into mammalian cells, (2) CRISPR as a novel and highly flexible system for gene and genome engineering on the DNA level, and (3) RNAi as a complementary method to control gene expression on the RNA level. In our projects, we are equally interested in dissecting and understanding the biology of these complex systems, as well as in harnessing their power as original tools for biomedical research. In particular, we foster their combined application for treatment or prevention of infectious human diseases - AIDS, viral hepatitis and malaria - or for generation and modulation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). To achieve these goals, our team merges a large variety of methods and expertise from research areas including virology, parasitology, cell and molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, biotechnology and bioinformatics.  

For further details on our individual projects comprising the various techniques, their biology, their application and the associated lab members, please click on the links in the text or use the menu on the left.  

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