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Benedikt Wimmer - Master student

Structural analysis of lamellar bodies in lung cells by cryo-electron tomography (4/2019-2/2020)

Keerthihan Thiyagarajah - Master student

Characterization of the role of Ebola virus GP palmitoylation on virus assembly and viral entry (11/2020-6/2021)

Lisa Augenstein - Master student

Ebola virus nucleocapsid condensation and incorporation into virus-like particles (3/2021-10/2021)

Carmen Lahr - Master student

Characterization of plaque growth dynamics of spherical and filamentous influenza A viruses (8/2021-2/2022)

Xiaohan Zhao - Master student

Structural characterization of SARS-CoV-2 molecular pores spanning double-membrane vesicles (12/2021-6/2022)









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