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General information on the Biophysics curriculum at the University of Heidelberg


Interactions of Proteins and Nucleic Acids - Biophysical Concepts and Theoretical Descriptions (Winter Term 2007/2008)

Interactions of Proteins and Nucleic Acids - Techniques and Applications (Summer Term 2008)

Advanced lab course in scanning/atomic force microscopy

Course hand-out

Introduction to atomic force microscopy I

Introduction to atomic force microscopy II

Students from other faculties that want to do the course can arrange this on an individual basis (contact).

Advanced laboratory practicals (6-18 weeks)

Students from the faculties of Biowissenschaften, Physik, Chemie and Medizin can participate. The course involves lab work on a topic within ongoing research projects, and is arranged on an individual basis (contact).

Useful links to educational material/information in Biophysics

Educational materials from the Biophyiscal Society

Online Lectures (require Real Player to view)

Fluorescence spectroscopy I

Fluorescence spectroscopy II


Fourier transform in crystalography

Curve fitting

Scanning/atomic force microscopy

Slides Biochemistry II: Binding of ligands to macromolecules (May-9, 06)

lecture slides (pdf file, 7.4 MB)

review article ligand binding (pdf file, 0.2 MB)

Slides Biochemistry IV: Scanning probe microscopy (May-23, 05)

lecture slides Scanning Probe Microscopy

Medical Physics Mannheim/Heidelberg


Gel-electrophoresis and sequencing


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