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Publications of our group in Heidelberg

Fricke, F.; Beaudouin, J.; Eils, R. & Heilemann, M. (2015). One, two, three: subunit counting with SMLM. Accepted by Scientific Reports


Herrmannsdörfer, F.; Flottmann, B.; Nanguneri, S.; Venkataramani, V.; Horstmann, H.; Kuner, T. & Heilemann, M. (2015). 3D dSTORM imaging of fixed brain tissue. Accepted by Methods in Molecular Biology


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Nanguneri, S.; Flottmann, B.; Herrmannsdörfer, F.; Kuner, T. & Heilemann, M. (2014). Single-molecule super-resolution imaging by tryptophan-quenching-induced photoswitching of phalloidin-fluorophore-conjugates. J Microsc Res Tech, 77(7), 510-6.


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Eckhardt, M.; Anders, M.; Muranyi, W.; Heilemann, M.; Krijnse-Locker, J. & Müller, B. (2011) A SNAP-Tagged Derivative of HIV-1 - a Versatile Tool to Study Virus-Cell Interactions. PlosONE, 6(7), e22007.



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