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Open PhD position:

Quantitative Microscopy

Information carried by fluorescence photons


The photon statistics in microscopic samples is governed by the fact that fluorophores act as isolated single photon sources. Using ps-pulsed LASER excitation and single-photon sensitive detection in confocal microscopes we have shown that the photon statistics of microscopic samples can be measured and used to determine the number of fluorescent molecules present.

We are now looking for a master/PhD student (preferably from physics) who helps extending the method

  • for application in biological samples, i.e. fixed and living cells
  • to multiple colours, i.e. for studying stoichiometries of different components in small molecular structures
  • to time-resolved measurements, i.e. to follow assembly/disassembly of small molecular structures in living cells or complex materials
  • to an imaging technique by exploring different imaging detectors and sketching potentially successful designs.

The position comprises technical development of the microscopy technique, including designing and conducting experiments as well as the developing theoretical models and tools for data analysis. The DFG-funded project runs in close collaboration with Prof. P. Fischer (Ziti) and Prof. O. Fackler (Virology) together with another PhD student (chemistry).

For more information just contact me or talk to one of my PhD students.

Open positions for Master and PhD students

If you are interested in a master thesis (Chemistry, Physics, Systems
Biology, Molecular Biotechnology, …), please contact Prof. Dr.
Dirk-Peter Herten.

Currently we have open positions for PhD students in conjunction with an
application for a fellowship (see HBIGS, HGSFP, …). If you are interested,
please contact Prof. Dr. Dirk-Peter Herten.


There are positions available for 6-8 week practicals.

If interested, please contact Prof. Dr. Dirk-Peter Herten.

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