University of Heidelberg


Oct. 6-7, 2017: 3rd Workshop on Virus Dynamics

Oct. 9-10, 2017: Hengstberger-Symposium on Systems Immunology & Vaccine Design

Welcome to the Mathematical Immunology Group! 

The research group "Mathematical Immunology" at BioQuant belongs to the Center for Modeling and Simulation in the Biosciences (BIOMS) and is part of the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR) at Heidelberg University.

The main focus of our research is to understand viral and immune processes within a host in response to different infections by combining mathematical models and experimental data.

We are part of the REACTION! network on Ebola-research funded by EU2020-Horizon and associated member of the SFB1129 "Integrative Analysis of pathogen replication and spread" at Heidelberg University.

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