University of Heidelberg

Neha Thakre (since 03/2014)

Room 361

email:  neha.thakre [at]

phone: +49-(0)6221-5451306


Projects: Blood stage dynamics and pathogenesis of Malaria


My PhD objective is to develop a systematic and quantitative understanding of how parasite specificity for red blood cells influences parasite replication and the development of experimental cerebral malaria (ECM). I am developing a mathematical model of blood-stage Malaria infection that can explain the findings of the experiments conducted on two strains of Malaria parasites, one that is known ‘to cause’ ECM and the other that is observed ‘not to cause’ ECM in mice. I come from central part of India where the incidence of cerebral Malaria is quite high. So, the topic of malaria is of special importance to me, and a wonderful opportunity to do my bit towards understanding this disease better.

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