University of Heidelberg

Dr. Paola Carrillo-Bustamante (since 06/2015)

Room 361

email:  paola.carrillo-bustamante [at]

phone: +49-(0)6221-5451306


Projects: Complex viral spread and Ebola viral infection dynamics



Infection dynamics of Ebola

Ebola virus (EBOV) is a highly virulent virus with substantial morbidity that represents a public health emergency. It is therefore urgent to unravel the unresolved questions, especially regarding possible therapeutic methods. In this project, I am developing mathematical models that help us study viral and immune dynamics in human and animal data in response to EBOV during infection and treatment.


Complex viral spread of HIV-1

Although the molecular biology of HIV-1 has been extensively studied, several key aspects of virus propagation, especially of virus spread between cells and tissues within the host, remain poorly understood.  To quantify T lymphocyte motility and HIV-1 spread in 3D cultures and to determine the relative contribution of cell-free and cell-cell transmission modes to HIV-1 spread, I am constructing a multi-scale model of HIV-1 spread, incorporating cell motility, single-cell infection, total virus replication, and cell depletion.

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