University of Heidelberg

Recent Graduates


Marika Högner (BS, 2021)

Daniel Wies (BS, 2021)

Charlotte Westhoven (BS, 2021)

Leonard Ernst (MS, 2021)

Charlotte Kaspar (PhD, 2021)

Theresa Fink (MS, 2020)

Sophie Zhu (BS, 2020)

Hsuan Chang (MS, 2019)

Clemens Olliger (BS, 2019)

Max Kilian (BS, 2019)

Rene Geci (BS, 2018)

Alper Mutlu (PhD, 2018)

Svenja Schwindt (BS, 2018)

Pablo Naranjo (BS, 2018)


Recent Interns

Vanessa Stürmer (MCB)

Svenja Schmelzer (MoBi)

Rebecca Schira (MCB)

Tamara Schmidt (BioChem)

Tabea Elschner (MCB)

Roman Thielemann (MoBi)

Max Kilian (MoBi)

Recent Scholars

Felipe Trajtenberg, Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, DAAD, 2021

Begona Ugarte-Uribe, University of the Basque Country, Spain, 2019

Kinshuk Sahu, DAAD WISE Fellow 2018

Pablo Naranjo, CellNetworks Post-Bachelor Program 2018

Open positions

PhD Students and Postdocs

If you are interested in a doctoral or postdoctoral position, please submit your CV and a short summary of your research experience by email to ilka.bischofs(at)

Programmer (Hiwi Position)

If you know MySQL and are interested in a Hiwi-Position, please get in touch!

Bachelor and Master Students

We welcome applications from master and bachelor students for lab rotations and thesis work. If you are interested, please submit your CV together with your transcripts.

Rotation Projects typically make use of one or more of the following techniques:

* Molecular Systems Microbiology (small scale and global analysis)

* Synthetic Biology/Genetic Engineering

* Microscopy (Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy, Timelapse Imaging, FRET, Electron Microscopy)

* Microfluidics

* Image Processing and Statistical Data Analysis

* Mathematical and Biophysical Modeling

* Computer Simulations

Please indicate your preferences with your application.


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