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Advanced Biological Screening Facility

Data management


Mass storage capabilities: The Screening Core Facility provides access to the BioQuant internal mass storage → Large Scale Data Facility (LSDF) with currently 1.2 PB of storage capacity.


For making use of the RNAi data server, every member of a screening project (e.g. microscope user, image processor, …) has to be registered by the Screening Core Facility. The Screening Core Facility provides user accounts and - if needed - virtual groups linking to the according group or project  '/root/' -directory.


  • Standard experiments: Microscope data has to be stored in the according  '/group/' -directory.
  • Large scale experiments: A large scale experiment in terms of

- the amount of raw data to be acquired (miscroscope data)


- the number of involved scientists / departments (image analysis, statistics, bioinformatics, ... )


requires a certain  '/project/' -directory including selected subdirectories.



  1. in case of large scale experiments any data storage (raw data, processed data, statistics, ...) has to follow a given hierarchical structure. This is important for automated data analysis and data management. → see 'Central Directory Structure'
  2. if the data has to be directly imported into an integrative data center for visualisation (e.g. iCHIP), additional mapping files are required. → see 'Central Directory Structure'
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