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Large Scale Data Facility for Life Sciences

This page is kept for historical reference only.


The LSDF at BioQuant has been decommissioned on November 3, 2016. The successor service is now run by the URZ as Scientific Data Storage at Heidelberg.




Data Intensive Computing and Data Analysis are key aspects of the activity of the BioQuant Center. The amount of data available in systems biology, as well as other fields of science, is increasing exponentially, and several projects aiming at extracting knowledge from massive datasets have extraordinary requirements for storage and management of big amounts of data. The newly created Large Scale Data Facility (LSDF) for Life Sciences at BioQuant is the ideal platform for research and development in these demanding areas.


After its initial installation in 2010, the LSDF has been extended multiple times. As of March 2013, the LSDF unites 3,300 hard drives with a total capacity of 6 PB (6,000 TB), offering 4.5 PB filesystem space available for data. Access is available via both SMB/CIFS and NFS protocols over a 20 Gbit/s uplink. We are currently testing a Kerberized-NFS system that will allow secure access to the LSDF from external institutes, making it possible to meet the high privacy standards demanded for the storage of personalized oncological patient data.


In 2011, IBM awarded a Shared University Research Grant ($75,000) to the LSDF project of the state of Baden-Württemberg, in which BioQuant, the University of Heidelberg Computer Center, the University of Mannheim Computer Center, and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Steinbuch Centre for Computing are partners. The grant is dedicated to support current and future development of the LSDF and collaboration between its partner institutions. Topics are, among others, user authentication mechanisms, long-term archiving and management of unstructured data. Dieter Münk, Vice President IBM STG Storage, presented the grant at a LSDF meeting in Karlsruhe and said that IBM is very pleased with the project partnership. He is convinced that the LSDF concept has great potential and will open up new opportunities in the area of mass storage.


This facility is run by the BioQuant IT. Users can check their current usage at the LSDF Quota Monitor (use your BioQuant credentials to log in). The LSDF can be accessed from the bwGRiD Cluster Heidelberg (ask us for details).

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