University of Heidelberg


24.08.17 16:00 Age: 328 days

Makoto Kaneko – "Beyond Human Technology" Opens a New World in Bio Science

Osaka University, Japan

Hosted by Motomu Tanaka & Ulrich Schwarz.


This talk begins by explaining what is “Beyond Human Technology”. Knowing of the limitation of human perception and action, we show how to design an artificial system leading to “Beyond Human” by utilizing two kernel components, an online high speed vision and a high speed actuator where both speeds are several hundred times faster than human eye and muscle, respectively. As for a test bed, we designed and developed a fast and fine cell manipulation system with the maximum frequency of 130Hz and the resolution of 240 nanometers (2015, Monzawa and Kaneko, Biomicrofluidics). While observing the recovery characteristic of Red Blood Cell (RBC) after passing a narrow microfluidic channel, we found an interesting behavior where the recovery time constant strongly depends upon the loading time in the narrow microfluidic channel (2017, Ito, Kaneko, and Tanaka et. al., Scientific Reports). As another application example of the cell manipulation system, we introduce “Cell Stress Test” where it was shown that a RBC eventually loses recovery characteristic after imparting mechanical stress with several hundred times (2014, Sakuma and Kaneko, Lab- on-a-Chip). All topics will be explained together with video demonstration.

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