University of Heidelberg


25.06.19 16:00 Age: -33 days

Philip Kollmannsberger – Computational Bioimage Analysis: Quantifying Interactions from Synapse to Network

W├╝rzburg University

Hosted by U. Schwarz & M. Hausmann.


Abstract: We develop and apply computational methods for automated  image and network analysis, aiming towards a quantitative  understanding of multicellular interactions in tissues. Our approach  includes for example segmentation of synaptic structures from electron  microscopic images using deep learning, clustering of neuronal  proteins from 3D super-resolution microscopy, and the analysis of  network structure and cell-matrix dynamics in 3D tissue culture as  well as in-vivo. Based on the quantitative information from such  large-scale image data, we develop theoretical models and generate new  hypotheses on the structure and function of complex biological  networks on all scal



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