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Luring the Virus into a Trap

News  | BioQuant | April 26th, 2023
BioQuant Researchers from Chlanda and Schwarz Lab elucidate mechanisms that contribute to the prevention of Influenza A and Ebola virus infections. Cell Host & Microbe 31:1-18 (31 March 2023) , EMBO Journal e113578 (21 April 2023)
Ebola Segmentation
3D-segmentation of different structures related to an infection with the Ebola virus. | © Petr Chlanda

Researchers from the BioQuant Groups of Petr Chlanda and Ulrich Schwarz, together with collaborators from both Heidelberg University and Heidelberg University Hospital, recently published their findings shedding light on Influenza A and Evola Virus entry into host cells.

Find more information on the Heidelberg University website's newsroom

Or read the publication on Influenza A here and the one on Ebola Virus here