University of Heidelberg

BioQuant Technology Platforms

Advanced Biological Screening Facility

The RNAi Screening Facility provides the screening platform for assay automation and automated microscopy. Read more...

Contact: Dr. Holger Erfle

Head of 'Advanced Biological Screening Facility'

Phone: (+49) 06221 54 51273
E-Mail: Holger.Erfle (at)


Deep Sequencing Core Facility

The Deep Sequencing Core Facility was opened in September 2010 to provide access to Next Generation Sequencing technology (NGS), for the Heidelberg University research community. Read more...

Contact: David Ibberson

Head of Facilty

E-Mail: Deepseqlab[at]
Phone Office: +49 (0) 6221 54 51359
Phone Lab: +49 (0) 6221 54 51369
Room: 542 / 606 BioQuant Building


Nikon Imaging Center (NIC)

The NIC@Uni-Heidelberg is a core facility for light microscopy at Heidelberg University. The NIC@Uni-Heidelberg was inaugurated in 2005 and has since trained thousands of researchers. It is centrally located in the BioQuant on the Heidelberg life sciences campus. Read more...

Contact: Dr. Ulrike Engel

Scientific Director
Phone: (+49) 06221 54 5652
E-mail: nic(at)


Tissue Imaging and Analysis (TIGA) Center

The TIGA Center is a cooperative project which started in 2007 at the University Heidelberg with the goal of establishing a bioinformatics platform dedicated to the quantitative analysis and modeling of tissues. A strong emphasis is placed on clinically relevant research projects. Read more...

Contact: Prof. Dr. Niels Grabe

Scientific Director

E-Mail: niels.grabe[at]
Phone: (+49) 06221 54 51248
Fax: (+49) 06221 54 51482


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