University of Heidelberg

08/27/2014 Bitplane ISBI/IEEE Attendance Award, 2nd Cell Tracking Challenge, ISBI 2014

Nathalie Harder received a Bitplane ISBI/IEEE Attendance Award at the 2nd Cell Tracking Challenge...

04/20/2013 Excellent result at 1st Cell Tracking Challenge, ISBI 2013

The Biomedical Computer Vision (BMCV) group successfully participated in the 1st Cell Tracking...

03/12/2013 Prize for the best scientific paper at BVM 2013

Simon Eck, Stefan Wörz, Andreas Biesdorf, Katharina Müller-Ott, Karsten Rippe, and Karl Rohr were...

03/21/2012 Prize for the best scientific paper at BVM 2012

Astha Jaiswal, William J. Godinez, Roland Eils, Maik Lehmann, and Karl Rohr were awarded a prize...

10/03/2011 Best poster award at the Summer School of Masaryk University 2011

Wei Liao was awarded the 1st prize for his poster "A Probabilistic Minimal Path Technique for...

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Karl Rohr

Head of the Biomedical Computer Vision Group (BMCV) at the University of Heidelberg, BIOQUANT Center, Faculty of BioScience, IPMB, Dept. Bioinformatics & Functional Genomics, and the DKFZ Heidelberg (German Cancer Research Center), Div. Theoretical Bioinformatics.


PD Dr. Karl Rohr
University of Heidelberg and DKFZ
Dept. Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics
Biomedical Computer Vision Group
Im Neuenheimer Feld 267
D-69120 Heidelberg

Room 343 (3rd. floor)
Tel.:  +49-6221-54-51298
Fax.: +49-6221-54-51488
Email: k.rohr{at}, k.rohr{at}

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