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05/08/2020 08:00

Open Position

The BMCV group currently offers a PhD position in biomedical image analysis.

More details can be found here.

01/27/2018 18:53

Cell Tracking Challenge, Nature Methods 2017

The cell tracking method of the BMCV group yielded top-ranking results in an international competition. The method developed by Nathalie Harder and...

Biomedical Computer Vision Group

The research group Biomedical Computer Vision (BMCV) develops methods and algorithms for computer-based analysis of biological and medical images, in particular, cell microscopy images and medical tomographic images. One main aim is to derive quantitative information about the shape, motion, and function of cellular as well as subcellular structures as a prerequisite for computational modelling in systems biology. Main research topics are model-based segmentation, probabilistic tracking and motion analysis, and elastic image registration.


The BMCV group belongs both to the University of Heidelberg, IPMB, and the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), and is located at the BioQuant Center.


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