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Data Analysis
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We provide tools for automated high-throughput data processing in accordance with the open source data pipeline for HCS - based on the integrative software platform KNIME. The platform enables to integrate, share and process HCS data • up to entire Screening Pipelines • using a workflow-oriented architecture which can be used by (non-) experts.



Within the Workflow Repository we so far provide solutions for:


  • Experiment MetaData  → Handling of libraries, plate layouts, etc.
  • Image Processing
  • Statistics
  • Microscope FeedBack  → Target / Hit  (re-) localisation on and between arbitrary microscopy platforms



For data processing and analysis a large number of integrations is available. For a simplified overview, see:

KNIME integrations

The overview also specifies integrations which are provided by BioQuant / RNAi Screening Facility - they can be downloaded as additional internal plugins.


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