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03/21/2012 Prize for the best scientific paper at BVM 2012

Astha Jaiswal, William J. Godinez, Roland Eils, Maik Lehmann, and Karl Rohr were awarded a prize...

10/03/2011 Best poster award at the Summer School of Masaryk University 2011

Wei Liao was awarded the 1st prize for his poster "A Probabilistic Minimal Path Technique for...

05/31/2011 MIAAB 2011 - Heidelberg

Sixth International Workshop on Microscopic Image Analysis with Applications in Biology


11/19/2010 HGS MathComp Best Poster Award 2010

Astha Jaiswal, William Godinez, Maik Lehmann and Karl Rohr were awarded the prize for the best...

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Microscopy Image Analysis Course 2023


The course was attended by 17 participants, scientists from Germany (Bielefeld, Freiburg, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Tübingen) and Italy (Verona). We thank everyone for participating.


Organized by: Heidelberg University, de.NBI Heidelberg Center for Human Bioinformatics (HD-HuB) and Core Facility Platform Mannheim (CFPM).



  • Leonid Kostrykin (HD-HuB)
  • Qi Gao (CFPM)
  • Kerem Celikay (HD-HuB)
  • Karl Rohr (HD-HuB)


Date: 3.8. – 4.8.2023


Description: de.NBI training platform

Contact: E-Mail (Last update: 18/03/2024)