University of Heidelberg


The main focus of the group »High content analysis of the cell (HiCell)« altogether with the integrated research team »Integrin trafficking, microenvironment and ncRNAs« (Dr Starkuviene) is the design, development and application of novel technologies for high-content screening and analysis. Once developed, tested and standardized, the approaches are incorporated in the portfolio of RNAi Screening Facility and made opened for the users. In the HiCell group we address the following directions successfully:

1. Development of methodologies to interfere with cell function on genome, transcript and protein levels.

2. Miniaturization of cellular analysis, e. g. cell arrays.

3. Development of correlative light microscopy combining high-speed and super-resolution microscopy

4. Application of these technologies to solve specific questions in regulation of integrin membrane trafficking in response to environment sensing.


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