Technology Platforms

  Advanced Biological Screening Facility (ABSF)

Head of Facility: 
Dr. Holger Erfle

We provide a platform for gene and protein silencing, assay development and automation, as well as access to high-throughput microscopy and data processing pipelines.


  Deep Sequencing Core Facility

Head of Facility: 
David Ibberson

We provide access to next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, from library preparation to professional advice on implementing NGS in your research.


  Electron Microscopy Core Facility

Head of Facility: 
Dr. Charlotta Funaya

We provide technical and scientific support for transmission and scanning electron microscopy to all members of Heidelberg University.


  Nikon Imaging Center

Scientific Director: 
Dr. Ulrike Engel

We promote innovation in biological research by providing cutting-edge equipment for light microscopy and training in basic and advanced imaging techniques.


  Tissue Imaging & Analysis Center (TIGA)

Scientific Director: 
Prof. Dr. Niels Grabe

We provide a platform for imaging, quantitative analysis and computational modeling of tissues, especially for clinically relevant research projects.