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BioQuant Groups

Group Image Anders H
Biostatistics for Omics Data
Prof. Dr. Simon Anders

We extract insights from high-throughput assay data, analyzing sequencing data, creating visualizations for datasets, and applying omics data for functional genomics and systems medicine.

Group Image Bischofs H
Complex Adaptive Traits (CATs)
Dr. Ilka Bischofs

We use tools from molecular biology, microscopy and mathematical modelling to control and engineer the Bacilli bacteria's adaptive strategies, focusing on complex adaptive traits (CATs).

Group Image Chlanda H
Membrane Biology of Viral Infection
Dr. Petr Chlanda

We specialize in cryo-EM technology to study how viruses interact with cellular organelles and remodel cells to replicate.

Group Image Erfle H
High-Content Analysis of the Cell (HiCell)
Dr. Holger Erfle

We specialize in understanding viral infection mechanisms through membrane remodeling.

Group Image Grabe H
Tissue Imaging & Analysis Center (TIGA)
Prof. Dr. Niels Grabe

The TIGA Center specializes in deep learning-based image analysis of digitized histological and cytological slides.

Group Image Grimm H
Virus-Host Interactions
Prof. Dr. Dirk Grimm

We specialize in advancing human gene therapy through innovative gene delivery methods using parvoviruses like AAV and bocavirus.

Group Image Herrmann H
Biomedical Genomics
Prof. Dr. Carl Herrmann

We investigate transcriptional control's regulation for precise gene expression in cell types and development.

Group Image Chlanda H
Systems Medicine
Dr. Dr. Stefan Kallenberger

We specialize in integrating mathematical modeling, biological experiments, and clinical data to comprehend cell signal systems, particularly in cancer.

Kummer Group
Modeling of Biological Processes
Prof. Dr. Ursula Kummer

We specialize in developing computational methods for analyzing biochemical networks and applying these methods to relevant biological systems.

Group Image Mallmm H
Single-Cell Open Lab
Dr. Jan-Philipp Mallm

We offer specialized support for diverse single-cell sequencing methods, including spatial omics, tailored for cancer research.

Molnar-Gabor Group
Governance of Emerging Technologies in Medical Research and Health Care
Prof. Dr. Fruzsina Molnár-Gábor

We specialize in shaping legal frameworks for emerging medical technologies and treatment methods. We align with global standards, emphasizing data protection, medical, and health laws.

Group Image Pahle H
Biological Information Processing
Dr. Jürgen Pahle

We specialize in deciphering how living systems process and transfer information.

Group Image Rippe H
Chromatin Networks
Prof. Dr. Karsten Rippe

We work towards merging biology and biophysics to quantify dynamic genome organization's links to gene expression and cell states.

Group Image Rohr H
Biomedical Computer Vision (BMCV)
PD Dr. Karl Rohr

We develops methods and algorithms for computer-based analysis of biological and medical images.

Group Image Russell H
Protein Evolution
Prof. Dr. Rob Russell

We specialize in protein structure and mechanistic data analysis. Our focus lies in genetic variants related to cancer and hereditary diseases.

Group Image Sahle H
Methods in Computational Systems Biology
Dr. Sven Sahle

We specialize in methodological research for mathematical modeling in biology. We create and assess numerical methods, offering software as a resource for the scientific community.

Group Image Schroeder H
Cryo Electron Microscopy
Prof. Dr. Rasmus Schröder

We specialize in advancing Cryo Electron Microscopy, a revolutionary technique. Our efforts established this tool across campus with four microscopes.

Group Image Schwarz H
Physics of Complex Biosystems
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schwarz

Utilizing theoretical physics, we specialize in employing theoretical physics to comprehend cell mechanics and adhesion. We study cell mechanics and adhesion at a systems level.

Group Image Starkuviene H
Molecular Mechanisms of Intracellular Trafficking
Dr. Vytautė Starkuvienė

We specialize in precise cellular trafficking regulation to maintain homeostasis and prevent diseases.

Groups with Projects at BioQuant

Eils Group
Health Data Science Unit
Prof. Dr. Roland Eils

We provide medical informatics solutions to make patient data accessible for clinical research and education.

Group Image Halama H
Adaptive Immunotherapy
Prof. Dr. Niels Halama

We specialize in solid tumor microenvironments, particularly immune cell interactions. Technologies enable analysis of spatial and functional relationships in limited patient tissue samples.

Group Image Heilemann H
Single-Molecule Super-Resolution Microscopy
Prof. Dr. Mike Heilemann

Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, including dSTORM, PALM, and DNA-PAINT, transforms cell biology by offering protein-scale spatial resolution.

Group Image Klingmueller H
Systems Biology of Signal Transduction
Prof. Dr. Ursula Klingmüller

Dynamic pathway models reveal key regulatory mechanisms in cancer progression.


Group Image Boutros H
Signaling and Functional Genomics
Prof.Dr. Michael Boutros

We study cellular signaling networks with genetic/ genomic approaches, focusing on Wnt &Wnt pathways.

Group Image Huber H
Quantitative Biology and Statistics
Dr. Wolfgang Huber

We develop and apply statistical methods for biotechnologies and then relate them into resuable tools.

Group Image Lohmann H
Stem Cell Biology
Prof. Dr. Jan Lohmann

We study the development for complex stem cells in plants using genetic, genomic, and molecular approaches.

Group Image Stegle H
Statistical Genomics and Systems Genetics
Dr. Oliver Stegle

We develop statistical and machine learning methods to decipher molecular variation across individuals, space, and time.

ERC IndiGene

Group Image Wittbrodt H
Developmental Biology/ Physiology
Prof. Dr. Jochen Wittbrodt

We study neuronal cell proliferation and differentiation in the developing, growing, and regenerating eye and brain of fish.

Associated Groups

Group Image Jaeger H
Retroviral and Influenza Virus (IAV) Biology
Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Kräusslich

We study the formation and architechture of subviral complexes and their interaction with cellular structures.

Group Image Marciniak-Czochra H
Applied Analysis and Modelling in Biosciences
Prof. Dr. Anna Marciniak-Czochra

We use mathematical models to analyze the dynamic structure formation and self-organization in cell systems-

Group Image Saez-Rodriguez H
Systems Biomedicine
Prof. Dr. Julio Saez-Rodriguez

We study the signaling network deregulation in various diseases by integrating multi-omics data into mathematical models.